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Lawsuit: Who owns a character?

Sometimes, audiences associate a character so strongly with an actor or actress that it gets difficult to differentiate between the two. Can Los Angeles readers picture anyone other than Sarah Michelle Gellar playing Buffy The Vampire Slayer, for example? (Random trivia sidenote: The character of Buffy was actually first portrayed in a movie by Kristy Swanson.)

"Innocence of Muslims" filmmaker arrested on unrelated charges

In our last post, we told Los Angeles readers about how an actress who appeared in "The Innocence of Muslims," the YouTube film that has incited riots in Muslim countries for its unflattering portrayal of Islam, tried to sue on the grounds that she was conned into appearing in the film and was never told of its true content.

'Innocence of Muslims' actress: I was duped into working on film

If you were an actress and were hired for a Western, you would probably be quite upset when that "Western" turned out to be "The Innocence of Muslims," the immensely controversial YouTube film that has led to violent demonstrations in the Muslim world.

British band One Direction settles lawsuit over name

One Direction, the British boy band sensation your 12-year-old niece absolutely adores, recently settled a legal dispute that had elements that might actually be pretty familiar with Los Angeles musicians, artists and other entertainment professionals.