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Ventura, defendant disagree over defamation trial's location

Throughout life, the idea that it is much easier to fall than it is to rise can hold true in my aspects. This is especially true when it comes to reputation. Many individuals, especially those in the public eye, have worked hard to build a solid reputation in order to be successful. And when that reputation is knocked down by erroneous claims, it can be very hard to rise again.

Warner Bros. scores second important victory with regard to Superman character

In terms of franchises, Superman is probably the gold standard. The character, created by Jerome Siegel and Joseph Shuster, has sold innumerable comic books, action figures, costumes and movie tickets since its debut in 1932.

Lawsuit: Who owns a character?

Sometimes, audiences associate a character so strongly with an actor or actress that it gets difficult to differentiate between the two. Can Los Angeles readers picture anyone other than Sarah Michelle Gellar playing Buffy The Vampire Slayer, for example? (Random trivia sidenote: The character of Buffy was actually first portrayed in a movie by Kristy Swanson.)