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Posts tagged "trademark"

Anheuser-Busch wants Budweiser edited out of Denzel Washington's new thriller

Usually when we tell Los Angeles readers about merchandising and licensing issues on this blog, it's a positive thing. By that, we mean it is usually a situation in which one party is actively seeking permission to use another's name, image or likeness because it wants to share in that party's goodwill or positive reputation.

Restaurant appeals denial of 'Philadelphia's Cheesesteak' trademark

You can get lots of delicious food here in Los Angeles, but one think you can't get is an authentic Philly Cheesesteak. If you're in The City of Brotherly Love, though, where should you go to get the real deal?

Sam Raimi wins injunction against unauthorized "Evil Dead 4"

Welcome to our Hollywood entertainment law blog. We plan to use this as a platform for offering readers interesting news, general insights and relevant information regarding the legal aspects of the entertainment business.