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Posts tagged "entertainment contract"

Boxer Ward wants out of his contract for higher-rated fights

When an entertainment contract is signed, both parties need to make sure it is done to the letter of the law - especially long-term contracts. A lot can happen over the length of a contract, and one or the other may decide they want to break it. It takes only one mistake sometimes to have the contract disputed as invalid.

Fan involved in contract lawsuit with television channel

Residents of Los Angeles, California, are probably used to hearing about legal disputes between television channels, movie studios and individuals such as actors and directors. Over the last few years, a different kind of contract issue has played out between a television fan and the television network Black Entertainment Television.

Decades old comment causes backlash for Queen of Butter

The fallout from statements admittedly made decades ago continues for Paula Deen, the "Queen of Butter." While the cook received some criticism about her decision to withhold a Type 2 Diabetes comment -- despite her love of the use of butter in most of her southern inspired recipies -- it was nothing like the controversy that was recently created after an employment dispute brought to light racial statements the star made years ago.