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Posts tagged "copyright law"

Judge orders injunction to stop piracy of Lions Gate movie

Even if you haven't read the copyright disclaimer on a piece of software or media, most people know that it is illegal to reproduce another person's work without their expressed permission. Called piracy, this form of stealing can lead to litigation and serious consequences for those who partake in it.

Supreme Court decision helps calm 'Raging Bull' lawsuit

If there is one sentiment about Hollywood that just about everyone can agree upon it's that the film industry is a battlefield that pits artists, creators and authors against large production companies, oftentimes without much legal counsel as a buffer. As our California readers already know, without proper knowledge of intellectual property rights, a person could find it difficult to maintain creative control over their work, which can lead to contentious litigation down the road.

Tarantino continues legal battle with Gawker over leaked script

When people in the entertainment industry come up with ideas they think are worth producing, they often go to friends or colleagues for advice and to see if the idea is worth publishing. But even the most trusted of confidants can let slip a million-dollar idea, which can sometimes lead to litigation in some instances.

Smokey Robinson and ex-wife still fighting over song copyrights

With no new reports having been issued since the beginning of this month, our readers here in Los Angeles can safely assume that Smokey Robinson is still embroiled in some rather complicated litigation with his ex-wife this week. Their dispute centers around whether the songs Robinson wrote during their marriage should be considered community property or protected by copyright law. And as our readers will soon see, both sides have their own opinions about the matter.

The Man of Steel's copyright matter of dissention

Copyright laws apply to the entertainment industry as well as to manufactured products. Entertainment laws can be quite complex. The more popular an entertainer, author, or artist's works or production become, the more people want a piece of them. Copyright contracts must be carefully drafted to ensure that the performer or creator's rights are fully protected. A minor mistake could open up a loophole for someone to infringe upon those rights.