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Why is the 'Big Bang Theory' renegotiating cast contracts?

When the television sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” premiered on CBS back in 2007, many wondered if the show was going to be a “big bang” like the title suggested or if it would fizzle out quickly. Much to everyone’s relief, the show has grown in popularity and is considered to be an incredible success as it pushes into its 8th season.

Actor Kevin Sorbo accused of breaching contract with publicist

Contracts in the entertainment industry, as you may already know, can be tricky legal documents that could lead to litigation if all parties addressed in the contract are not on the same page. If a breach of contract occurs and the agreement is in writing, then one party can easily prove that the other did not uphold their end of the agreement. But what happens if the agreement is made orally? Are the promises made in this agreement still subject to the same rules?

Fan involved in contract lawsuit with television channel

Residents of Los Angeles, California, are probably used to hearing about legal disputes between television channels, movie studios and individuals such as actors and directors. Over the last few years, a different kind of contract issue has played out between a television fan and the television network Black Entertainment Television.