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Posts tagged "Intellectual Property"

3 questions to ask before covering a song

In the age of viral videos featuring cute kids singing songs on YouTube, covering another artist’s music seems standard. Even with the ubiquity of cover songs, it’s still important to make sure that before you record music written and performed by another artist you have the right permission.

The importance of 'transformative' elements

When we consider movies based on a person’s real-life experiences, we may not think about how the creative licenses a writer or director took to tell the audience a story. After all, a writer or director may rely on embellished impressions of true stories as well as fictional characters based on real people. While this may lead to a great story (and a fantastic movie), the real-life people depicted in them may feel like their identities were improperly used; either because they disagree with how the story was told their likeness and experiences were portrayed differently.

No banana jokes here, just an infringement lawsuit

It's certainly true that seeing someone dressed in a banana suit on Halloween hardly qualifies as news. A recent banana-themed article (we concede that there aren't many of those) points out that people across the country collectively spend about $3.4 billion on costumes for October's seminal party evening. And, reportedly, more than a few quid of that massive outflow goes toward banana costumes.

Comedy rapper just wants users of his creativity to play fair

At first blush, Brendan Richmond seems about a universe away from being the type of person who looks at the world narrowly and in a humorless fashion. Rather, Richmond -- who is a described Canadian "comedy rapper" -- seems more immediately akin to a gentle soul who lives life with an essentially laid-back and laissez-faire attitude.

Career enhancer or flat-out company rip off? Arbitrator rules.

The entertainment and media company Lionsgate conceded to an arbitrator that it flooded the YouTube with free videos of top-tier fitness guru Jillian Michaels workout programs to make advertising revenue, but it also insisted that the free views enhanced Michaels' presence and career.

Andersen Tax wins trademark battle in U.S.; now it wants more

It is only logical that an enterprising business entity would want to profitably leverage the name of a one-time venerable mainstay in the global accounting and tax consulting industry, even if that company collapsed more than a decade ago in a huge financial scandal.