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Posts tagged "Intellectual Property"

Copyright litigation: increasingly common, complex

Intellectual property adviser and media contributor Krista L. Cox makes an interesting comment on timeless musical masters like Mozart and Beethoven in a recently penned piece examining the contours and complexities of artists’ copyright protections.

Musical legend a named defendant in IP infringement lawsuit

We're fairly confident in our guess that virtually all of our readers know Bob Dylan for his music. After all, Dylan is a global icon and legendary singer/songwriter who has been crafting memorable tunes for close to 60 years.

CA royalty law re resold artwork largely scrapped by appeals court

Until late last week, it worked as follows. California individuals whose artwork was resold at an auction or to a private party by a gallery were entitled to 5% of the purchase price as a form of copyright protection. That was the stipulation at the center of the California Resale Royalties Act, the only such law of its kind ever passed in the United States.