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Intellectual Property Archives

Career enhancer or flat-out company rip off? Arbitrator rules.

The entertainment and media company Lionsgate conceded to an arbitrator that it flooded the YouTube with free videos of top-tier fitness guru Jillian Michaels workout programs to make advertising revenue, but it also insisted that the free views enhanced Michaels' presence and career.

Andersen Tax wins trademark battle in U.S.; now it wants more

It is only logical that an enterprising business entity would want to profitably leverage the name of a one-time venerable mainstay in the global accounting and tax consulting industry, even if that company collapsed more than a decade ago in a huge financial scandal.

Judge issues order preventing release of Prince's 'Deliverance'

When Prince Nelson Rogers died last year, it seemed as if the music was over. Then, just a week before the anniversary of the internationally renowned artist's death, an announcement was made that a new, six-song EP called "Deliverance" was to be released -- including brand-new music.

Can a non-disclsoure agreement protect your corporate secrets?

With non-disclosure agreements and other devices, companies go to great lengths to disclose their intellectual property.  Yet if a former employee does disclose trade secrets to a competitor, quick action may help to mitigate the damage. In other cases, a company’s best recourse may be to seek damages in a civil lawsuit. However, the process of litigating an intellectual property dispute can be complicated and lengthy.