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Lots to consider in the realm of celebrity endorsement

If you are a business principal in Southern California or elsewhere thinking about contacting a celebrity to endorse your company's products or services, you might first want to spend a bit of time talking with a proven entertainment and business law attorney.

The science behind celebrity endorsements

Celebrity endorsements have been shown to cause significant spikes in business for a given company. A celebrity’s endorsement generally causes a company’s sales increase an average of 4 percent relative to its competition—for some companies, that can mean millions of dollars.

Fake celebrity endorsements: A cautionary tale

An endorsement from the right celebrity can make any product seem tempting. With the right celebrity spokesperson, companies can expect to receive a boost of publicity and glamour. Consumers who buy a product because of a high-profile endorsement frequently do so because they want to emulate the celebrity, or because they implicitly trust his or her judgment.

Insights of successful company principal on product endorsers

Message from business entrepreneur and successful company principal Mike France: We don't need Brad Pitt -- or George Clooney, or Johnny Depp, or Tom Hanks or, well, you get the point -- to strap on one of our watches and hawk the product to the public.