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Taylor Swift preaches contractual protection to young artists

Taylor Swift is not happy with recent developments concerning a major portion of her extensive musical catalog. Close followers of Swift -- and there are hundreds of millions of those, right? -- know that angst in her personal life often yields new output from the writer/singer, so a new song regarding her current discontent certainly can’t be ruled out.

California court to unwind complex studio contract-breach claim

Neal Moritz has a clear and unclouded take on the conduct of Universal Studios’ executives and attorneys: in his estimation, their behavior concerning interactions with him as a first-line movie producer has been egregious enough to warrant his filing of a lawsuit alleging breach of an existing contract.

Music royalties at heart of federal class action litigation

Asking someone if they know much about Rick Nelson is akin to asking the same question about Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison or other musical icons of a bygone era. If you're of a certain vintage, you've likely got some memories. If not ....

Competition-limiting contract riders examined, Part 2

Imagine that a musical act you want to see is slated to appear next spring at the celebrated Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the Southern California desert. Tickets are a bit steep for you, but you’ve been hearing some buzz that your favorite band might play at a smaller festival in an adjoining state a couple months later. Obviously, you’re buoyed by that.

Just how far can festival promoters go to restrict musical artists?

Musical festivals across the United States are a timeless and popular feature of spring and summer each year. They draw many millions of people to varied outdoor venues to hear multiple artists and kick back in leisured fashion for what is often a weekend or more. As a recent article on this phenomenon notes, attendees revel in the “festival experience.”