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A public figure’s marketable personal tale merits legal protection

The lives of some well-known individuals are flatly so notable and even intriguing that someone should write a book about them.

Well, in fact, that often turns out to be the case, right? Bookstores in California and across the country have shelves replete with biographies and other works featuring high-profile figures.

Those retail fixtures are not only ubiquitous, but often highly profitable for all involved parties. And they’re aren’t confined to books alone. Well-crafted and marketed life stories are frequently money vaults for their widely known principals and a host of other actors, ranging from book publishers to movie producers.

The financial stakes in getting it right are understandably high for life-story personalities, a point we duly stress on our website at the established Los Angeles entertainment Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman. We stress therein that, “If you have lived a prominent, interesting life in the entertainment industry, or as a business leader or public official, your personal story may be a highly marketable asset.”

As such, it bears safeguarding. A life story principal’s linkage with a second-rate product can be tarnishing and permanently damage a reputation. A bad profit-sharing arrangement can forever shortchange a principal’s royalties and other compensation. Too quickly agreeing to a proposition erases full contemplation of other – and potentially more attractive – business deals

Conversely, timely and close input from a proven team of entertainment law advisers can help ensure that a prominent artist, entertainer or business leader is well protected across all relevant fronts.

Life story rights can be an eminently profitable asset. Proven legal counsel can make sure that executed agreements fully promote a valued client’s best interests.

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