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Kim Kardashian: don’t even think about misrepresenting me

Kim Kardashian to global online fashion company: Your attempted exploitation of my name and likeness was sorely misguided.

The irony of that sought piggybacking on the commercial gravy train that spells Kardashian is clear enough, given the moniker of the fashion retailer recently locking litigation horns with the top-tier celebrity endorser.

That name: Missguided.

Kardashian put that company squarely in her sights a few months back, following her reported frustration with Missguided’s “habit of using her name and image to hawk its copycat wares without her authorization.”

The global popular culture icon took aim at Missguided via a trademark infringement lawsuit filed in a California federal court. That filing strongly alleged that the fashion company has continuously profited through falsely positing a link between its products and Kardashian’s enthusiastic endorsement of them.

No such tie has ever existed, says Kardashian. Her legal complaint stresses, rather, that Missguided’s ploys to align company products and the Kardashian aura in the public mind have created a false and harmful impression. Kardashian’s lawsuit accused Missguided of engaging in unfair competition and undercutting her legal right to control the commercial use of her name and likeness.

Those arguments convinced the court. The federal judge presiding over the case found against Missguided earlier this month, issuing a default judgment in favor of Kardashian. The fashion retailer is now on the hook for $2.7 million in damages and additional court costs. Missguided was also permanently enjoined from using any of Kardashian’s intellectual property for commercial exploitation.

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