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What’s with the recent SCOTUS ruling on copyright protection?

We duly note at our long-tenured Los Angeles entertainment law firm that the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman routinely confronts intellectual property concerns “at all levels of complexity.”

Indeed, challenges of seemingly every type and dimension arise in the broad-based work we do advocating for valued and diverse participants within the entertainment sphere.

The realm of copyright is one area where we commonly advocate on behalf of clients who seek to profit from their creative abilities while simultaneously safeguarding their works against infringing third parties.

Facially, securing copyright protection might not reasonably seem to be much of a concern.

And yet it has long been the case that it is, as noted in one recent article discussing a just-decided U.S. Supreme Court ruling intended to provide clarity on the subject matter.

Here is what has been a problem concerning creators’ efforts to file legal claims against usurpers: conflicting standards and case rulings among federal circuit courts across the country. Some of those tribunals have enabled plaintiffs to bring claims following their filing of applications seeking registration. Conversely, others (including the Ninth Circuit in California) have mandated that formal registration approval must be secured before a copyright holder can bring an enforcement case in federal court.

SCOTUS’s ruling earlier this month firmly aligns the circuits. It holds that all the steps required for registration of a copyright be completed by a copyright owner seeking standing in court to allege an infringing action.

Questions or concerns regarding copyright registration or any other IP-linked matter can be directed to a law firm with a demonstrated record of strong advocacy for clients in this singular legal niche.

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