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Music conglomerate rolls out new royalties-linked features

A recent media article underscores the “often opaque royalty systems of music publishing.”

Those systems have been long-entrenched and extremely frustrating to legions of artists who are never quite sure concerning the details surrounding airplay and owed royalties linked with it.

A clarion call from songwriters and musicians has long stressed a sentiment favoring more certainty in the royalties realm. As the above article stresses, there has been “a growing push toward greater transparency in the industry.”

Entertainment icon Sony Music is presently engaging in a bit of self-laudatory spin that its deep pool of represented artists hopes is grounded in fact more than fantasy. Company executives acknowledge the long-suffering pains of artists that owe to a cryptic and cumbersome royalty scheme. They say that Sony is now responding to it in a manner that will be highly beneficial for artists.

What Sony specifically spotlights are new royalty payment features termed “Real Time Royalties” and “Cash Out,” respectively. The former will reportedly allow artists to see their global earnings and balances much more quickly than has historically been the case. The latter is an online portal that promises artists a quick withdrawal “of all or part of your payable balance every month.”

Sony’s scheme will hopefully do precisely what the company promises – provide artists with a quick and accurate picture of their earnings and allow them a more streamlined access to earned royalties.

We note in our proven representation of entertainers at the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman in Los Angeles that those are understandably “critical considerations” for artists. We welcome contacts to the firm to address any questions or concerns regarding them.

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