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The Tiger is once again roaring in the endorsement world

It would be hard to explain the sharp spike this past Monday in the stock price of a Japanese company that makes a pain-relieving medication without an additional bit of information.

Here’s the missing piece: Tiger Woods won golf’s most prestigious tournament last weekend.

Oh, and he endorses the product.

Here’s a truism -- perhaps the most incontrovertible truth ever in sports – concerning the link between Tiger Woods’ golf victories and consumer goods: When Woods wins, so too do his sponsors.

The list of endorsers has been long over the years. It spans Nike, Upper Deck, Monster Energy, AT&T, American Express, General Mills, Rolex, Gillettte and, well … . We could go on, but even a partial listing underscores that just about any company linked with Woods has profited richly from the connection.

Candidly, though, the Wood’ solid-gold touch has tarnished in recent years. Anyone who follows sports knows about his personal travails and health problems. Many advertisers who long rolled the dice with Woods ditched him over the past several years.

Their reps have likely been on the phone all this week trying to reestablish connections. Winning will drive that motivation.

And Woods’ victory was a truly for-the-ages unfolding of drama and ultimate achievement in front of a global audience. It has been termed “stunning” and “unreal.”

Nike unquestionably loves those types of terms. The company has stuck with Woods throughout the years to a varying degree, and likely now seek to get back quickly to what used to denote the norm in its swoosh-Woods connection. A Bloomberg article on the Tiger triumph notes that Nike released a video “within seconds of Woods holing his winning putt.”

Tiger is back. His renewed ascendancy and attendant roaring will undoubtedly impact the endorsement world in a big way.

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