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Saluting the impressive talents of artist Nipsey Hussle

Artists make, well, art. Some create music. Others produce or act in films. Some dance, some paint, some write books or screenplays, some design clothes. The list goes on.

And the point is clear. Individuals firmly viewed by a wide swath of the American public as being “artists” are conceded singular and markedly creative talents that are appreciated in a broad-based way.

Media accounts addressing the recent death of Nipsey Hussle, an individual mostly identified as a rap musical entertainer, reveal that some creative individuals are exceptionally impressive even within their already singular artistic worlds.

Yes, Hussle was a star in the hip hop community. But he was also much more than that. His entrepreneurial energies were evident in an uppercase way even for a realm replete with individuals having novel and creative ideas.

One recent article chronicling Hussle’s expansive business acumen and intellectual pursuits stresses that he “will leave far more than a musical legacy.”

Indeed. Among other things, Hussle owned a clothing line and a so-called “smartstore” that enabled consumers to fuse their shopping experiences with musical activities via online apps. He owned considerable real estate, with upcoming development plans targeting both commercial and residential spheres. He championed technology for youth.

Hussle well served as an exemplar of a broadly skilled and creative thinker who used his artistic talents to fuel his engagement across multiple spheres of interest.

He was not alone in that regard in the entertainment world. Many others, too, command exceptional and wide-ranging talents. It is the privilege of proven entertainment law attorneys to work with them as they develop and seek to fully protect their ideas and artistic/business creations.

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