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Big changes likely upcoming this year in the streaming realm

Let’s run down what is presently going on in the so-called entertainment realm of streaming and what will likely occur during 2019.

For starters, it bears noting at this outset of this blog entry that the streaming world is vibrant and exponentially growing. Consumers across the United States and globally flat-out love the technology that delivers media content (think movies, TV shows, sports events, musical concerts and so forth) to computers and mobile devices via the Internet. Streaming is quick and convenient, allowing consumers to view or listen to streamed offerings immediately.

The streaming universe is rife with competitors and ever-growing in new ways. Direct-to-consumer streaming comes via both providers’ originally created content and from offerings made available after a streaming service pays a licensing fee to a product owner/licensor. Huge and established players dominate the market, but new entities – both aggressive and proliferating – are making inroads in the U.S. and internationally.

A recent article by Microsoft’s web portal MSN refers to the industry’s “streaming wars” and the likelihood that 2019 will be a seminal year. Although Netflix reportedly “remains the undisputed king of streaming,” rivals are lining up to challenge its supremacy and compete for industry riches.

Those entities centrally include Disney, WarnerMedia and Apple, which obviously command considerable clout entering the fray. New entrants also include smaller niche streamers, though, and companies focused upon attracting new viewers from select overseas audiences.

The realm continues to expand and define itself, with some of the larger participants creating increasingly more of their own content in-house. They are doing so to avoid licensing challenges (high fees, bidding wars with other would-be providers and so forth) involving third-party-owned material.

The bottom line is that the streaming world is likely to become a progressively friendlier user environment going forward, both in terms of options and price.

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