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When celebrity endorsements work, they’re worth every penny

Dwayne Johnson is on record for stating that he just might run for U.S. president one day.

Is that ludicrous?

Hard evidence suggests not. The charismatic entertainment icon globally known as The Rock has more than bulging biceps and a proven pedigree in action movies to suggest that he might be a viable political candidate on the national stage.

He commands trust.

And that flatly matters.

In fact, the trust factor alone is what has largely sealed the deal for Johnson as being one of the top endorsers– if not the very best pitchman – of products in the world. If he can do it with seeming ease in the marketplace of commercial goods and services, there is reason to believe that he can admirably sell himself elsewhere as well.

Empirical research findings culled by the data-crunching company Spotted point to the Johnson-Under Armour partnership as the closest-to-ideal linkage between a company and high-profile figure existing today.

Johnson has “an incredibly high audience match with the Under Armour customer base,” says Spotted CEO Janet Comenos. She adds that consumers “believe him, they relate to him, they trust him.”

Reportedly, too, The Rock comes across as a low-risk kind of guy who is unlikely to do something perceived as negative that will turn off the public and drive product sales south. All the collective upside linked with him renders him unparalleled as an endorser for the right brand of product and service.

Companies know that getting it right with an optimal endorser-product connection yields big returns, and there are undoubtedly scores of business executives who envy the gold mine that Under Armour has tapped.

Those individuals are of course hard at work themselves trying to hit home runs with their advertising partnerships.

If they want to strike up a relationship with The Rock, they might want to proceed with some dispatch. Some day in the future he might be too tied up in the Oval Office to entertain endorsement offers.

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