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What does a proven, full-service entertainment law firm do?

The term “entertainment lawyer” might reasonably sound a bit generic and even elusive in meaning when searched for by an individual or company with a legal query or concern linked with some aspect of the entertainment industry.

Questions might understandably ensue. Will the person I talk with who is termed an entertainment attorney understand and have a demonstrated record of strong advocacy concerning my singular and discrete matter?

Whatever that matter might be, you’re going to want to have some comfort level in advance regarding retained counsel’s ability to handle it.

And handle it well.

Perhaps the first thing to fundamentally note about entertainment law is its sheer breadth and depth. One online spotlighting of the legal sphere prominently notes that it is “a broad practice area encompassing both state and federal laws across several legal disciplines.”

That point might be helpful to note in any search for a proven advocate. A law firm with a successful track record of diverse client representation is likely to have a deep legal team of seasoned attorneys. It will almost certainly have a lengthy list of satisfied former and current clients as well, and command collective acumen across a wide universe of industry concerns.

There are of course prime examples of such firms in Southern California. We modestly suggest on our website at the long-tenured Los Angeles Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman that a would-be client might want to seek representation from a firm with the type of attributes that centrally define our advocacy. Our firm is “a balanced, active practice representing many production companies and entertainment businesses as well as individuals and their estates.”

Entertainment law encompasses contract negotiation/enforcement, work product licensing and distribution, merchandizing and sponsorship agreements, celebrity endorsements, intellectual property protection and more. It behooves any individual or business entity seeking knowledge and on-point representation to do some requisite due diligence to truly secure a practiced and client-empathetic legal team.

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