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April 2018 Archives

Just how far can festival promoters go to restrict musical artists?

Musical festivals across the United States are a timeless and popular feature of spring and summer each year. They draw many millions of people to varied outdoor venues to hear multiple artists and kick back in leisured fashion for what is often a weekend or more. As a recent article on this phenomenon notes, attendees revel in the “festival experience.”

Why you should always have a lawyer review your acting contract

Los Angeles is filled with aspiring actors. Everyone’s looking for their big break to launch their career. Unfortunately, this creates an unequal situation between actors and production companies, in which an actor may be so eager to land a role, they’ll sign whatever agreements are handed to them—without giving it much thought.

Study focuses on what effectively drives celebrity endorsements

We stressed in a recent blog entry the high stakes involved for any business that seeks to put a celebrity under contract to promote sales of a company product or service. We noted in our April 16 post that decision makers obviously need to “get it right” when they turn to high-profile endorsers to make a pitch for their business.

Celebrity A and B are available: Who do you want, company owner?

Business principals obviously pay attention when large amounts of money are being discussed or exchanged. Seemingly, there is nothing quite like cash to sharpen focus and scrutiny for parties on both sides of a negotiating table when a big-asset deal is in play.