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Black Panther video a hit, but not with this artist

Many of our California readers scanning today's post likely know full well of the record-breaking early run of the movie Black Panther, which is rapidly becoming one of the top all-time industry revenue producers.

The movie and attendant features, including its soundtrack and the Black Panther song/video All the Stars, have obviously attracted top-notch talent. The latter features input from mega music stars Kendrick Lamar and SZA.

There is an alleged problem with the video, though, namely this: an individual claims that it has misappropriated both the "unique look and feel" of her art pieces and copyrighted elements relating to style and patterns. British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor says that Lamar and SZA unlawfully used her artwork to support the video, and she now seeks an injunction and damages in response.

Viktor recently filed a federal copyright infringement lawsuit in New York to address the matter. She claims the filing proved necessary following initial attempts "to resolve this without litigation." The artist reportedly was willing for a time to reach an out-of-court settlement, which included the demand for a public apology.

The lawsuit states that movie representatives contacted her on two occasions regarding the use of her work, which she refused to let be linked with the film or any related format. It is her dual refusals, she says, that makes the subsequent misappropriation "both an egregious violation of federal law and an affront to … her legacy and to artists everywhere."

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