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Gold is just as likely for American Olympian off the snow

Even if you're a lay person completely removed from the world of advertising and product endorsement, you would welcome the chance to be Chloe Kim's marketing manager for a few weeks, wouldn't you?

We're guessing you've heard of Kim, a young snowboarding athlete with superior talent who seems just as gifted on the ground. A recent Forbes piece notes that the Olympian is "well ahead of her years" and possessed of an exuberant personality that has enabled her to "steal a nation's heart."

The lethal marketing combination of pure skill and a winning personal profile is now likely to award Kim in spades for years to come. Kim's "sublime aerial antics" brought her a gold medal last week at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Commentators now say that further riches are certain to follow from Kim's stated connection with select companies, products and services.

Indeed, it was that way even before the Games, with Kim already having sponsorships from high-clout companies like Toyota, Nike and Target. A new day has dawned now for the sport superstar, though, given what Forbes terms her "stranglehold on an entirely new level of accomplishment."

Of course, it's hard to currently estimate how storied Kim's endorsement career might ultimately be viewed far down the road. Given her obvious savvy with social media and coupled attraction for multiple demographics, though, it seems a slam dunk that the impending 18-year-old -- who could conceivably participate in multiple more Olympic Games -- will reap major rewards for years to come.

If you haven't yet seen much of Kim's infectious personality and seeming sincerity, wait a week or so until the Games have ended and then simply flick on the TV to a late night show or two.

She'll be there.

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