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Lots to consider in the realm of celebrity endorsement

If you are a business principal in Southern California or elsewhere thinking about contacting a celebrity to endorse your company's products or services, you might first want to spend a bit of time talking with a proven entertainment and business law attorney.

Ditto that if you happen to be the celebrity petitioned for use of your name, likeness and/or public lauding of those above-cited company offerings.

At first blush, wedding a well-known individual from a high-profile universe (e.g., movies, music or sports) to a select good or service might seem to be a great fit for both a company and endorser. Famous faces resonate with the public, and consumers have proven to be a collectively impressionable bunch, right?

What could go wrong?

Lots, according to one recent media analysis of celebrity endorsements for newly launched start-ups.

Conversely, much could go right, too. Careful pre-endorsement considerations need to be undertaken by all parties involved, with contractually binding understandings executed to ensure mutual protections and an upside to the maximum degree possible.

The aforementioned media piece notes, for example, that "advance preparation is critical." If an endorsement sails with the public, the entity benefited must certainly appear sharp and proactive when dealing with orders, ensuring quality control and displaying a positive presence on its website and via social media.

And if a celebrity's connection with a company brings positive results initially, those won't be guaranteed in the future absent a legal arrangement to have that person "periodically return to promote your brand."

Truly, there is much to consider for both start-up principals and celebrities concerning any potential business deal. A seasoned attorney with experience in the singular world of celebrity endorsements can provide sound guidance and strong on-point legal representation.

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