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Maybe your neighbor, like Beyonce, is a social "influencer"

As a consumer, you can turn to Brad Pitt, the above-cited Beyonce or a host of other well-known media personalities for a bit of advance help regarding prospective product purchases.

Alternatively, notes Forbes in a recent article on bang-for-the-buck endorsements, you might be able to rely upon just about "anyone in any country from any walk of life."

Collectively, members of that latter group -- think people like your mom, the guy working at the grocery store down the street, anyone who makes you think of, well, not Paris Hilton -- can be aptly deemed real-life social influencers.

The most dramatic difference between that demographic and big-time celebrity endorsers recognized instantly by millions links with that real-life perception.

As Forbes notes, Kim Kardashian rented an island recently for her spouse's birthday party. That's not reality for most people.

Conversely, celebrating in bowling alleys, down at the local bar or at home is anything but fiction for most people, and likely something that a "real, accessible and credible" person you can identify with does.

That badge of legitimacy is turning out to be vitally important in the product endorsement world, stresses Forbes, especially in a progressively expanding social media universe.

In such a realm, the publication points out, people who are often "the polar opposites of celebrities" can be material influencers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and personal blogs when they convey a sincere tone communicating goods and/or services that they like.

Scores of millions of would-be buyers across the globe continue to be influenced by famous actors, sports figures, models and musicians touting commercial products, of course.

These days, though, empirical evidence strongly suggests that they're also likely to be impressed by endorsers coming from solidly mainstream backgrounds.

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