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Pay me what you owe me, demands Science Guy of Disney

Bill Nye is a person who is accustomed to objectively making analytical assessments based on dispassionate scrutiny of empirical evidence.

He is, after, the exalted "Science Guy" who made that realm of learning fun, zany and educational for a generation of Americans ranging from kids to seasoned adults on a long-running and immensely popular PBS show.

Nye tends to look closely at things and pick them apart, and it was a few years ago that he found a new subject that he thought warranted a focused look.

And that was this: the royalties he firmly believed he was owed pursuant to the contract he executed with Disney for Bill Nye the Science Guy.

In his view, there a problem, to wit: They weren't materializing.

In fact, Nye believed -- and continues to believe, as evidenced by a lawsuit he filed last week against Disney and additional media defendants -- the Disney subsidiary Buena Vista acted unlawfully by withholding approximately $9 million in royalties owed to him.

Nye's legal filing alleges Disney's clear bad faith in the matter. The entertainer states that a continuing royalty stream summarily stopped in 2008, following Buena Vista calculations that Nye found worrisome and far off the mark.

Nye says that prolonged negotiations proved fruitless and that Disney did not attempt to reasonably accommodate him in his attempt to gather relevant financial information via an audit.

Thus, the lawsuit, which demands $37 million in damages. Among other things, the complaint accuses the defendants of breach of contract and fraudulent concealment tied to Disney's hiding of profit-related data from Dye over several years.

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