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The role of proven entertainment law counsel in social media matters

What does a proven entertainment lawyer focus upon in client representation involving objectionable Internet posts, comments or other communications?

In a word: plenty.

Consider the many ways that false, disparaging or unlawful defaming of a high-profile public figure can materially injure that person. An experienced entertainment attorney with a demonstrated record of strong advocacy on behalf of artists, musicians, actors, producers and other industry principals routinely provides aggressive representation in matters such as these:

  • Web-driven communications (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and additional social media platforms) that are untrue and malicious, yet presented as truth
  • Unauthorized use of a well-known name or likeness to personally disparage a celebrity or garner profit through linking of an entertainment industry personage with an advertised product or service

We note on our entertainment law site at the long-tenured Los Angeles Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman that, "A single post -- accurate or otherwise -- can reach millions in minutes."

We suspect that President Donald Trump's obvious attraction to Twitter communications comes readily come to mind for many readers contemplating that reality.

Today's world, marked by consistently evolving technological capabilities, is frenetic and fast-paced, with the Internet especially spelling a new arena that creates new opportunities and challenges for a consuming audience of billions.

Our site duly stresses that, "Separating the truth from propaganda and outright malicious attacks is a challenge" in that expanding universe, especially regarding communications that are directed at individuals who are widely known among the general public.

Seasoned entertainment attorneys help those clients deal in a timely and proactive way with defaming and/or otherwise negative comments and statements, putting a stop to them and pursuing remedies that fully compensate for damages suffered and send a deterrent message to would-be wrongdoers in the future.

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