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Madonna settles invasion-of-privacy case with website publisher

Most people who have followed pop megastar Madonna's storied and decades-long career know that she is, well, a material girl.

They also know that she's a big girl, meaning that she has always taken fairly well the constant onslaught of would-be invaders of her privacy, whether they be paparazzi hiding behind bushes, cameras attached to drones, zoom lenses sticking out the windows of helicopters fluttering over her properties … whatever.

Up to a point.

And that threshold of tolerance was clearly breached in the entertainer's view by a British website publisher earlier this year that provided a fairly detailed narrative of her ongoing adoption of toddler twins from Malawi.

In fact, the Mail Online revealed quite comprehensive information about the young girls, which included their names, age, race, whereabouts and the fact that they were about to be adopted by one of the most famous media personages in the world.

Madonna found that, cumulatively, that was just too much. She filed a lawsuit in response, contending that what was revealed unlawfully invaded both her privacy rights and those of the girls who are now her daughters.

Madonna's attorney specifically argued that all the public data available about the twins potentially "threatened the integrity and/or outcome of the adoption process." Security implications were especially highlighted.

The litigation was recently settled out of court, with various media accounts noting that Madonna agreed to unspecified terms (that is, a damage amount not publicly disclosed) with Mail Online. The publisher stated that at no time did it have any intent "of exposing the girls to any harm."

Reportedly, Madonna will donate the damage award to a hospital in the twins' birth country.

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