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Comedy rapper just wants users of his creativity to play fair

At first blush, Brendan Richmond seems about a universe away from being the type of person who looks at the world narrowly and in a humorless fashion. Rather, Richmond -- who is a described Canadian "comedy rapper" -- seems more immediately akin to a gentle soul who lives life with an essentially laid-back and laissez-faire attitude.

That doesn't mean that he's gullible or a pushover, though.

And that became readily apparent when Richmond began seeing words he fashioned for a rap video appearing on third parties' commercial products sold across Canada.

And that was significant, because "Out for a Rip" turned out to be a career starter and YouTube video sensation a few years back. Richmond eventually sought and was issued trademark protection for those words.

He never expected to see them on the side of a Coca-Cola bottle, which turned out to be the case recently when he grabbed a beverage from a store cooler.

"I definitely did a double take," he says.

And then together with his lawyer he made another video entitled "Out for a Sip" in which he states his legal demands -- sort of -- in response to Coca-Cola's unauthorized use of his mark. His attorney termed the song "an unusually fun way to write a demand letter."

Apparently, the world's largest beverage maker is paying attention, given that the recently released Sip effort has already garnered scores of thousands of viewer hits. The company has reportedly "reached out" to Richmond to discuss its use of his widely known catchphrase.

It's likely that Richmond wants more than the truckload of Coke dumped in his yard he alluded to in Out for a Sip.

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