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After long wait, famed Beatle settles copyright dispute with Sony

Anyone who knows anything about the Beatles (obviously, that's a large demographic) knows well of course that more than a few coins are involved with the band's prodigious and time-honored output.

The Beatles' place in musical history is similar to something like Mount Everest's placement among mountains, with everything about the band being flat-out preeminent.

And profitable.

And what has long galled famed musician Paul McCartney about the huge catalog of compositions he co-wrote with the late John Lennon is that control over that trove of priceless tunes long ago transferred from the band and ended up with third parties, first mega entertainer Michael Jackson and subsequently subsidiaries of the giant musical company Sony.

Sir Paul has chafed over that, and hesitated not a whit in seeking to regain control over scores of McCartney/Lennon tunes pursuant to an entitlement to do that under the revised 1976 Copyright Act. That legislation allows artists whose intellectual property rights ended up with third parties prior to 1978 to file notices to reclaim their interests.

There is a catch, though, and it is this: An artist invoking the Act must have been the original copyright holder and received IP rights at least 56 years ago.

McCartney will soon qualify, with some of his and Lennon's tunes being written as early as 1962.

Notably, McCartney and Sony recently settled litigation filed by the musician aimed at gaining a court declaration granting a reversion of rights back to him on what will soon be a veritable avalanche of tunes written with Lennon between 1962 and 1971.

The public might never be privy to the material details agreed upon by the litigants, given that the settlement terms are shrouded in secrecy.

As one media report on the matter simply notes, McCartney and Sony "have worked it out in the legal arena."

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