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Insights of successful company principal on product endorsers

Message from business entrepreneur and successful company principal Mike France: We don't need Brad Pitt -- or George Clooney, or Johnny Depp, or Tom Hanks or, well, you get the point -- to strap on one of our watches and hawk the product to the public.

And, for myriad reasons, we would forgo that option even if it was readily available to us.

What France -- who is cofounder of Christopher Ward, an online luxury watch retailer selling directly to consumers -- strongly prefers as an endorsement model for his company is a platform that eschews "pre-packed celebrities" in lieu of other spokespersons who he believes are far more effective.

He labels those people as "world-class talent" in the athletic or adventuring arena (e.g., think something like mountaineering or kayaking) "who may need a helping hand achieving their ambitions."

Pitt's participation would obviously come with a high price tag. France says that, conversely, he can get ringing endorsements from a rising sportsperson or explorer over a two-year period that will cost Christopher Ward about the same "as ten of our lower priced watches."

And that, he considers, is one tremendous bargain.

Further, France asserts that his company's timely use of real-life personalities with competitive tales to tell, coupled with their potential for future success, resonates far more for most of Ward's consumers than would seeing Harrison Ford or another A-list celebrity simply don one of the company's watches.

France says that his company's "investment in the development of a game-changer" philosophy simply works, both from a competitive marketing standpoint and from a budgeting perspective.

"There can be innovative and affordable alternatives [to uber celebrity/product links] that a business can take to promote their brand," he says.

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