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Andersen Tax wins trademark battle in U.S.; now it wants more

It is only logical that an enterprising business entity would want to profitably leverage the name of a one-time venerable mainstay in the global accounting and tax consulting industry, even if that company collapsed more than a decade ago in a huge financial scandal.

Readers of our blog posts at the entertainment/business and intellectual property Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman in Los Angeles have undoubtedly heard of Arthur Andersen. Indeed, we noted in our March 6 blog entry an ongoing and rapidly escalating dispute between a French-based business entity claiming sole rights to all of the intellectual property rights inhering in the Andersen name and an American company claiming precisely the same.

That latter business, Andersen Tax, recently filed a lawsuit in France seeking to enjoin the company that it claims is violating its rights -- which, coincidentally, continues to call itself Arthur Andersen -- from all uses of Andersen marks and logos.

Notably, it just claimed victory, with a settlement being announced earlier this month that details the termination of the rights of an affiliate of the French group to use the Andersen name to promote products and services anywhere in the United States.

Notwithstanding that win, Andersen Tax continues to wear its litigation hat, with its principal noting in the wake of the settlement that, "Because trademark law is territorial in nature, we must enforce our rights country-by-country."

Andersen Tax says it is likely that various affiliates of the French group that continue to wrongfully exploit its protected rights in countries other than the U.S. were simply unaware when they contracted with the French company that it lacked the right to assign those rights.

Andersen Tax says that it will continue to vigorously engage those entities in court, especially in Europe, where they are operating in a significant manner.

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