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Defining entertainment law: What does the term actually mean?

Well-informed and singular connotations would likely quickly emerge for many people across the United States asked to make a short list of attributes that most closely define Southern California.

And we suspect that this item would feature rather high on the list: the entertainment capital of the world.

Most readers of our Los Angeles entertainment and business law blog at The Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman might reasonably point to cinema and movie stars immediately when the subject of entertainment pops up.

For a long-tenured and deeply proven legal team that specializes in entertainment law, though, far more than that alone goes into the makeup of what centrally defines entertainment law and fleshes out its broad dimensions.

For more than four decades, our Southern California law firm has been a mainstay in its representation of diverse clientele in the entertainment industry.

And, while our strong advocacy on behalf of clients certainly encompasses diligence in the work we do for movie stars and principals involved in the many broad-based aspects of movie making and release (e.g., script writing, production, contract execution and myriad other matters), the firm's focus extends far beyond those things.

Indeed, it embraces protection of intellectual property rights, royalty negotiations and litigation, representation in merchandizing and sponsorship matters, artists' estate representation and ongoing legal guidance across what is virtually the entire universe of entertainment law considerations.

As noted above, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman have been doing such work for decades, and for industry participants from across the globe.

We invite readers' scrutiny of a representative list of clients we have worked with over the years, as well as contacts to the firm for information on how our seasoned legal staff can help promote best interests in a given case.

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