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Certainly no kiss-and-make-up conclusion to this IP litigation

Rihanna sings.

She also acts, models and is unquestionably one of the planet's preeminent product pitchers.

What we mean is this: companies selling everything from jewelry to jeans scramble to get in line and barter with Rihanna's management team for the right to use her name, likeness and image to promote their wares.

And, yes, that certainly includes cosmetics companies. Understandably, Rihanna is a colossus when it comes to linkage with heightened sales for things like shampoos, conditioners, nail polish, perfumes, lotions and other beauty-related items.

The company Kiss Nails -- which does not have an endorsement deal with Rihanna -- knows that intimately well. In fact, Kiss Nails' executives have watched in alarm in recent months as cash registers have been ringing up sales of a new fragrance endorsed by Rihanna.

Kiss Nails has a problem with Kiss by Rihanna, which was set forth in a federal trademark infringement lawsuit it filed recently alleging pilfering of multiple trademark registrations applicable to cosmetics (principally "KISS"), unfair competition and false designation of origin.

Kiss Nails contends that consumers are confused into thinking that there is a linkage between the companies and products, when such is decidedly not the case. Every sale of a Rihanna-pitched Kiss-labeled product undercuts Kiss Nails product line and sales, states the legal filing.

Kiss Nails states that it formally put the defendants (principally the company that owns and manages Rihanna's vast intellectual properties) on notice in January, with its complaint being necessitated by lack of a response and the continued sales that are allegedly infringing.

Kiss Nails wants Kiss by Rihanna promotions and sales stopped immediately, as well as money damages it seeks to have determined in an upcoming trial (if the case does not settle before that).

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