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President Trump scores personal trademark triumph in China

China was never far from being front-and-center subject matter for current President Donald Trump just a few short months ago, when he was competing vigorously for the preeminent executive position he now holds.

And it continues to hold the spotlight (along with a select few other topics, of course) in the early innings of the president's recently launched tenure

A high-profile news buzz from last week regarding Trump and China was thus far from unexpected, although, notably, it had nothing to do -- at least in the minds of some commentators -- with politics.

Rather, it was firmly focused on the Trump business realm, most specifically on trademarks.

And one trademark in particular, namely, the mark denoting Trump's own name in uppercase, which he has long sought to have protected against competitors in China.

The Trump Organization was awarded sole rights to that mark in the world's most populous country last November, on the close heels of his election win. However, it wasn't until last week that the Chinese government confirmed the mark's official registration.

Although some critics argue that the mark grant is a political ploy by the Chinese to curry favor, that view isn't universally held. One media report on the recent news notes the view of many intellectual property experts and commentators that "Beijing is becoming more responsive to Western companies that want to protect their trademarks."

Late last year, for example, global sports and marketing icon Michael Jordan won a huge legal victory in China when a court enjoined a sportswear company in that country from using a mark that closely resembled Jordan's name.

The Trump Organization reportedly has close to 80 registered trademarks, with 49 additional applications pending.

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