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Deceased rapper's sister to Beyonce: pay for album "sampling"

If you're into the pop musical scene, there's scarce chance that you're unfamiliar with uber-star Beyonce's latest album offering.

"Lemonade" -- termed as a "statement album" in a recent Washington Post article -- heavily focuses on urban dislocation, police interactions with young black men and related modern-day realities playing out in American cities.

In doing so, Beyonce has given a more-than-casual nod to issues dealt with in recent years by New Orleans residents, most chiefly surrounding Hurricane Katrina and pronounced violence within the city.

In fostering a New Orleans presence on Lemonade, Beyonce makes so-called "sampling" use of the taped work of one young man -- now deceased and the victim himself of gun violence in the city -- who has posthumously risen to fame and is widely considered to be a singular voice and iconic image for many New Orleans residents.

The sister of Anthony Barre -- termed by the Post as "social media star/comedian/bounce rapper Messy Mya" -- points to multiple Beyonce acknowledgments to her brother's work on Lemonade.

And as an estate holder, she wants to be paid, claiming copyright infringement and misappropriation grounded in the failure to compensate for back royalties and additional damages.

There is no question that Messy Mya is a notable presence on the album. He distinctly recognizable voice is heard several times, amidst musical arrangements and stylistic imprints that readily reflect New Orleans musical influences.

Barre's sister is seeking more than $20 million in damages. Reportedly, there has not yet been a response from Beyonce's management team or legal advisers.

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