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Yes, it's a big deal: Tiger announces golf club choice

Everybody take a breath, now. The momentous news is in, and for scores of millions of people across the globe who are closely affected by its details, life can now resume normalcy once again.

Coincidentally, nothing of what follows has a shred of any connection with the changing of presidential administrations in the United States or any epochal governmental changes that were recently announced or negotiated.

No, this is all about something that to a select group of people is far more important than the state of government.

This is about … Tiger Woods and the make of golf clubs he will carry in his bag going forward.

This is important for a number of reasons. For starters, legions of players around the world take note of what Tiger does. He is now opting to play with TaylorMade clubs, and that will certainly be good enough for millions of others who will now seek to emulate him.

And it is a nice development, obviously, for Tiger's already gargantuan bank account. Woods does not make clothing, shoe, club, ball or other choices without shrewd regard first for how his selections will financially benefit him.

And, of course, TaylorMade executives are ecstatic, knowing fully well what they've got.

And that is this: A strong belief among legions of golfers globally that TaylorMade clubs are the best, which is reinforced every time Tiger pulls one out of his bag at a major tournament.

We stressed the singular power of Woods as an athlete endorsing consumer products in a recent blog post, during a brief period when he was experimenting with various makers' equipment while principals with those companies watched transfixed and with baited breath for his ultimate yes-or-no determinations regarding their wares.

TaylorMade is now in the driver's seat (of course, it will help if Woods wins with the company's clubs).

As we noted in our January 5 post entry, "If any proof is needed that celebrity endorsements can have a tremendous impact, Tiger Woods certainly supplies it."

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