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Re endorsements, Tiger Woods is clearly on an elevated playing field

You're welcome. Tiger Woods.

Although he might not have actually spoken those words to any of the golf-related manufacturers that are currently gushing over his unsolicited use of their equipment, that message is implied every time the world's most famous golfer uses a new club or ball in public.

Woods is essentially a free spirit these days in terms of the equipment he uses because, as noted in a recent article, he has returned to professional golf "under unique circumstances."

What that means is this: The contract he long had with Nike has terminated, given that company's departure from the golf equipment business.

And so Woods plays on while using the equipment of his personal choice, unfettered by any contractual obligations. Quite simply, he is using whatever balls and clubs he wants, with total freedom to change things up.

Do you think that the golf world is taking note of his selections?

Indeed, it is. Woods is currently using a Bridgestone Golf ball, and the company is unquestionably ecstatic with his choice. One Bridgestone executive says that the company website had as many visits in a recent week as it did during an entire quarter of last year.

The above-cited article, in noting the phenomenal impact that Woods has on the consumer market, terms it the "Tiger Effect."

Although other golf professionals, too, as well as high-visibility athletes in other sports, have an immediate and salutary effect on product sales, Woods is clearly at the apex level when it comes to purchases being directly tied to his particular use of equipment.

If any proof is needed that celebrity endorsements can have a tremendous impact, Tiger Woods certainly supplies it.

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