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Rapper Run-DMC claims copyright infringement

Artists in California and across the country often spend a great deal of their careers seeking success and recognition. Once they have reached those goals, they must focus on protecting their image and ensuring that others do not tarnish it or benefit from their hard work. As such, many bands, for example, find themselves fighting against copyright infringement.

87Such is the case with rap group Run-DMC. The group is considered pioneers in the rap genre. In the 1980s, their efforts brought rap music to the attention of mainstream music fans. As a result, the group is often considered one of the godfathers of rap. Their brand is so recognizable that they have a $1.6 million deal with Adidas to use the company's logo in combination with the group's.

Unfortunately, lawyers claim that several retailers, including Walmart and Amazon, are profiting from their brand without their permission. While the suit claims that the products being sold are too numerous to list, it specifically mention shirts, hats and glasses, among others. The lawsuit claims that such use gives consumers the impression that the group is endorsing the product.

Overall, copyright infringement can harm the copyright owner's business interests. As such, many bands and artists decide to aggressively pursue such infractions in order to prevent a mistaken impression regarding endorsements as well as ensure that no one profits from their efforts. Those facing a legal battle over a copyright in California often seek advice from an attorney with experience with such cases to help ensure they fully understand their rights and options.

Source: upi.com, "Run-DMC sues Amazon, Walmart for copyright infringement", Stephen Feller, Dec. 30, 2016

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