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Prince (the Purple One) has the goods: estate now seeks to profit

Reportedly, uber-artist and prodigiously productive musical creator Prince was a control freak when it came to orchestrating people and sounds to get the precise feel he wanted in every one of his songs.

Reportedly, too, that same sense of knowledge and command did not remotely apply in his appreciation -- or, more accurately, his lack thereof -- for how things might someday turn out regarding his finances and the generation of income from his intellectual property.

As people who closely follow Prince's work -- and there are many millions of them -- know, the artist never hesitated to battle with his industry and companies that he felt were exploiting his talents and finances.

As a result of that, say many commentators, Prince's prolific work is not benefiting financially following his passing in the manner that might reasonably be expected.

As noted in one recent Bloomberg article spotlighting Prince's musical intellectual property and its role in his estate, his predilection for controlling his works has now "limited his exposure and hurt the value of his music."

Put another way, notes the article's writer, Prince's often employed strategy of sabotaging his own sales by refusing to deal with record companies and online streaming vehicles precluded "deals in place to take advantage of his songs or personal band after his death last year."

His estate administrators are now trying to rectify that by inking contracts with major industry players that will take fuller advantage of the artist's huge and lasting popularity.

"The revenue was never maximized, so the asset wasn't maximized," says one of his executors.

It is hard to know what Prince's wishes were, since he did not leave a will and reportedly did not inform anyone of specific wishes he had regarding the post-mortem use of his intellectual property. His estate team says it is making best efforts to balance what he might have reasonably hoped for versus its obligation to act in the estate's best interests.

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