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Interest conflicts can be two-sided. Ask the president-elect

Protecting one's interests can take many forms. This is something attorneys experienced in entertainment business law know well. If you are a person with significant name recognition, you may want to leverage that name through endorsement agreements that generates revenue. On the other side of the coin may be the situation of needing to protect your name against harm.

The task is not always easy. The challenges can come from many quarters and the bigger your name, the broader the challenges are likely to be. This is something that our new president-elect surely understands. Promoting and defending his name is something Donald Trump has spent a lifetime doing.

China may be one of the most expansive legal battlegrounds anyone could expect to encounter. Geographically and demographically the stakes are, as the president-elect himself would likely say, huge.

According to a report in The Washington Post, there have been dozens of attempts by entrepreneurs in China to trademark the Trump name over the years. In some cases, it's is specifically because the word is associated with the man. In others, the seekers of the trademark just like the way the word rolls off the tongue.

Many have succeeded, which is why in China, one can find Trump toilets, pesticide, paint, even condoms. Those don't have anything to do with real estate mogul/reality TV personality/successful candidate. And perhaps he will decide to take protective action. In the meantime, he's proactively going after certain trademarks in China.

In the last 10 years, he reportedly has applied for 126 trademarks covering Trump branding on computer software, pet-care products, lingerie and golf equipment. Last year, his representatives filed 34 applications alone.

As for the trademark on the Trump toilet, leaders of that Chinese company say they filed for it long before they ever knew who Donald Trump was, and they say they will certainly wage a legal fight to protect it if the president-elect tries to sue.

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