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January 2017 Archives

Can a non-disclsoure agreement protect your corporate secrets?

With non-disclosure agreements and other devices, companies go to great lengths to disclose their intellectual property.  Yet if a former employee does disclose trade secrets to a competitor, quick action may help to mitigate the damage. In other cases, a company's best recourse may be to seek damages in a civil lawsuit. However, the process of litigating an intellectual property dispute can be complicated and lengthy.

Supreme Court decisions could impact registering trademarks

Most businesses, individuals and performance groups in California who seek success through the creation of a product or brand want to protect their hard work. In order to prevent others from profiting from their brand, they seek to register trademarks with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. However, one band has pursued intervention from the U.S. Supreme Court after the USPTO denied its request to register the band's trademark.

Music dispute focuses on sales-versus-licensing distinction

"It seems only fair," says Richard Carpenter, who, along with his late sister Karen, comprised one of the most successful musical groups in pop history. The Carpenters' songs have been widely popular and strong revenue generators in the music industry for decades.

Rapper Run-DMC claims copyright infringement

Artists in California and across the country often spend a great deal of their careers seeking success and recognition. Once they have reached those goals, they must focus on protecting their image and ensuring that others do not tarnish it or benefit from their hard work. As such, many bands, for example, find themselves fighting against copyright infringement.

Interest conflicts can be two-sided. Ask the president-elect

Protecting one's interests can take many forms. This is something attorneys experienced in entertainment business law know well. If you are a person with significant name recognition, you may want to leverage that name through endorsement agreements that generates revenue. On the other side of the coin may be the situation of needing to protect your name against harm.