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For many entertainment clients, success means more than just money

Musical artists, actors and other entertainers are, almost by definition, singularly creative people who might reasonably be expected to regard "success" in more than one-dimensional terms defined by money alone.

As we note on our entertainment law website at the well-established Los Angeles Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman, that often means that creative talent construes success "not only in financial terms, but also in regard to maintaining artistic freedom and creative control."

The deep legal team at our firm helps our diverse entertainment clients realize that multi-dimensional vision in practical terms. Our web page devoted to the firm's representation of musicians and actors duly points to our "multiple attorneys with decades of experience protecting artists' and performers' interests."

Of course, those interests necessarily focus on bottom-line financial considerations. Entertainment clients often possess singular and high-value skills that are much appreciated by the consuming public. Many individuals and companies make money from the work of performers, songwriters, producers and actors. It is both logical and ethical that those creators are duly compensated as well, and with the lion's share of profits.

Truly, though, money is not everything, and many creative talents in Los Angeles and elsewhere are understandably insistent on maintaining personal control and integrity in managing and promoting their careers.

Our attorneys help them do that in many ways. We carve out and enforce their rights to master recordings. We help them collect production credits. We employ strategies aimed at enabling them to smoothly resolve disputes and, when necessary, to end contractual relationships.

At Barry K. Rothman, we strive to foster close personal attention and goal-promoting interaction with clients that results in best-case outcomes that truly promote their best interests.

We welcome readers' visits to our site and the opportunity to apply our legal experience on their behalf.

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