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High-profile entertainment litigation: a case in point

Maybe they'll make a film about it.

In fact, that seems a likely bet, given that the recent sexual harassment scandal playing out over the past few months at Fox News seemingly contains all the checklist elements that would make for compelling drama on either television or at movie theaters.

For starters, you've got an entertainment-based story involving, well, the entertainment industry. That seems kind of hand-in-glove, doesn't it?

And then you've got a central character of truly iconic stature in television news, Roger Ailes, a long-tenured executive at the highest levels who has now been targeted by a number of women working in television as the author of sexually harassing behaviors committed over many years.

And, of course, there's Gretchen Carlson, a former star at Fox, who first turned a glaring spotlight on Ailes back in July, when she charged that her career at Fox died following her resistance to sexual advances from Ailes.

Carlson brought a lawsuit chronicling her complaints.

And Fox caved in.

The Los Angeles Times reported just yesterday that 21st Century Fox, the parent of Fox News, has reached a settlement agreement in the entertainment litigation with Carlson that comes with a $20 million check.

And, notably, a quite open apology, which the Times terms "extraordinary," given that defendants in civil matters often fight for inclusion of a non-admission clause in any settlement pact pursuant to which they are paying money.

As the Times notes, both parties to the dispute were employing well-considered strategies. Carlson reportedly had a strong case. And Fox obviously didn't want to proceed to a lengthy and high-profile spat in court.

Carlson's legal team says that it was contacted by many other women alleging inappropriate conduct by Ailes over the years. The former news head has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

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