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Always in the news: Kardashians embroiled in trademark lawsuit

Even a person whose media savviness is confined through nothing more than an occasional glance at news headlines or a brief foray online to scour what's making the rounds on Internet sites knows a thing or two -- OK, maybe a thousand things -- about the Kardashian sisters.

Frankly, it's hard to avoid them, whether online, on television snippets, in newspapers, on grocery store magazine racks or just about anywhere else where celebritydom rules.

And, make no mistake, the Kardashians rule.

Their marketing kingdom is seemingly an unparalleled dominion, with the products they endorse being legion and the licensing agreements they ink being highly broad-based and diverse.

It should certainly surprise no one that the sisters are closely linked with cosmetics, with their Kardashian Beauty empire being identified with products ranging from moisturizers and shampoos to curling irons and eyeliner.

They jealously guard that realm, as the Los Angeles Times noted last week in an article chronicling the sisters' legal spat with a Kardashian Beauty licensee. The Kardashians demanded that the licensee be enjoined from embarking on a new product launch using their name, alleging that it was seeking to promote their product line without paying royalties negotiated under an existing trademark licensing agreement.

A California federal judge agreed, finding a "strong likelihood that Haven Beauty intentionally infringed upon the Kardashian trademarks." The court stated that the licensee "cannot both stop paying royalties but nevertheless continue using the trademark."

It is uncertain whether Haven Beauty will appeal the decision. If it doesn't, the Kardashians will likely seek another licensee.

Those certainly aren't in short supply. Under the right conditions, any licensing party affiliated with the Kardashian brand can obviously profit in a big way through connecting to that globally known name.

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