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The entertainment industry: singular, challenging and expansive

To say that the entertainment industry -- cultivated over scores of decades and uniquely associated with Los Angeles -- is singular is, if anything, sheer understatement.

And that is true for many reasons.

One relates to the very richness of the medium in terms of outlets and offerings. One person thinking of the "entertainment world" might immediately fixate on the movie industry, while another might point to television as being centrally synonymous with entertainment.

And then there is, of course, music, radio, the theater and a host of other entertainment mainstays to think of.

And the lifeblood of all those entertainment-focused industries centers, of course, on legions of talented and creative people who play widely diverse roles. Actors mix with directors and producers. Script writers, product distributors, designers, film editors, art directors, cinematographers, agents … all these and more contribute in vital ways to the entertainment world.

Entertainment principals often have strong legal needs. As we note on our website at the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman, a long-tenured Los Angeles entertainment law firm, essential elements underpinning industry success include "protecting your work, your finances and your creative control."

That is what we routinely help our varied industry clients do, with our utmost focus unwaveringly being on the safeguarding of their interests and the full promotion of their legal rights.

Playing our role well necessitates close scrutiny, negotiation, drafting and follow through on relevant legal agreements, which can address matters ranging widely from intellectual property and confidentiality to production rights, royalties and myriad other considerations.

Our firm has been representing entertainment industry clients for decades. We welcome reader contacts, as well as the opportunity to provide diligent legal representation to our clients in a manner that optimally promotes their business needs.

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