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Admonition to celebrity product endorsers: Be genuine and honest.

Does mega basketball star LeBron James -- the "King" -- scarf down copious amounts of fat-laden fast food hours before a contest and advise others to do the same?

Of course, he doesn't.

Likewise, would corporate titan Richard Branson (feel free to substitute any other larger-than-life business figure here, a Warren Buffet or Mark Cuban, for example) ever laud his stay at a low-end hotel chain in a marketing campaign?

Not a chance, right? Can you see Branson or other any Forbes-list principal shilling for a Motel 6?

Those question-answer illustrations relevant to celebrity endorsements are made for a simple and pointed reason, namely this: The massive consuming public is collectively becoming ever more sophisticated and discerning, with consumers sniffing out dishonesty and hypocrisy in individuals hawking products who would, well, obviously never use those products.

The admonition to high-profile endorsers offered up in a recent media article focused upon the utility of celebrity product promotions is this: Come across as genuine -- with that burger you're holding, that perfume you're spraying, that car you're driving or whatever -- or risk a marketing backlash for the company that is paying you.

That advice is given through a spotlight focused on global soccer icon David Beckham, who recently took an impassioned political stand on Facebook.

That move led to this obvious question: Does -- should -- anybody care what Beckham thinks about political matters?

It turns out that some people do, and that it is better for a celebrity to be upfront and honest about his or her views -- whether relating to national unity or, say, beverage consumption -- than to attempt "to fully control the narrative."

Even when some people disagree or are turned off, others feel precisely the opposite, and apparent overtures of genuine regard for a product or service can go far toward enticing members of the public to use it.

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