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June 2016 Archives

Those constantly filming smartphones at shows: artists fed up

An obviously smart and proactive business entrepreneur made a quite ironical comment recently about musical artists' live shows. He noted that many attendees at such shows -- notwithstanding that their purchased ticket has put them in close proximity to a musical star who is performing live in front of their face -- aren't seeing those artists live.

The world's greatest screenplay (and poor man's copyrighting)

He had written the world's greatest screenplay. It was a tender coming-of-age story about a 14-year-old boy (and his scruffy dog), wandering through a post-apocalyptic landscape in search of his mom and dad. It was full of existential angst, keen observations on adolescence and loneliness, and deep insights into the human psyche. It would change movies forever!

“Sorry” not sorry: Bieber sued for copyright infringement

As some of you may have heard, Justin Bieber and producer Skillrex were sued recently for copyright infringement by singer Casey Dienel. Dienel, better known by her stage name, Winter Hinterland, claims that Bieber and Skillrex stole vocal riff of hers and used it in Bieber’s mega-hit “Sorry.”