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Prince's estate certainly vast, likely complex

There are artists and then there are, well, artists. By that, we mean iconic and even legendary figures that are set off singularly from almost all other entertainers.

Those super celebrities transcend death in the sense that their fame and popularity are enduring. For some of those people, in fact, the size and wealth of their estate actually increases following their deaths.

And their super-sized public images endure for decades. Think Elizabeth Taylor. Elvis Presley. Marilyn Monroe. James Dean. Michael Jackson.

And now Prince, who will certainly add to the short list of entertainers who truly commanded special gifts that made them riveting personalities to a global audience.

That singer/songwriter and instrument playing prodigy died last week, of course, and already stories concerning Prince's estate and its ultimate handling/disposition are prominently circulating in press accounts.

One such story centers on the certain complexity that will attach to any valuation of the artist's estate, with specific reference being made to "future royalties [that Prince] may earn from a body of work."

Often, the income stream flowing from an artist's intellectual property rights increases following his or her death, which could well be the case with Prince.

As we note on a relevant page of our website at the Los Angeles Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman, our entertainment law firm has represented the estates "of numerous artists who achieved legendary status."

At its core, that representation is broad-based, encompassing assistance for heirs, the continuous safeguarding of intellectual property rights, the ensuring of an accurate income stream through the careful monitoring and accounting of royalty payment and identification of new earning opportunities.

We welcome clients' inquiries regarding our tailored and impassioned advocacy in the important area of artists' estate representation.

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