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Academy awards spotlight ultimate audition for endorsements

If you tuned in to the Academy Awards, it was hard to miss that red carpet the size of a football field, right?

And just as hard, certainly, to not notice the serious maneuvering and preening efforts of A-list celebrities and up-and-comers vying for attention before a global audience.

As noted in a recent article discussing the awards buzz and unparalleled phenomenon that it most assuredly is, making the scene and a splash on the runway and during the ceremony can be even more important for an actor/actress that is any acclaim for their on-screen performance.

And here's why: Looking good and resonating with high numbers of viewers can land a star or starlet an outsized celebrity endorsement that can make any picture deal seem paltry.

Case in point: Kate Winslet. That actress is singled out in the aforementioned article for the endorsement deals she has inked with Longines and Lancome. It is obvious, of course, that an Oscar she has won, coupled with seven other Academy Award nominations, had something to do with the lucrative contracts she has executed.

Just how much can a globally recognized face and personality earn for personally aligning with a product or service?

Unsurprisingly, plenty.

"[T]he more the brand wants, the more it pays," states that above media spotlight on celebrity deals. Stars who are especially coveted can make millions for a single endorsement.

That perhaps explains why it sometimes seems that award nominees and other celebrities at the Oscars are actually role playing when they're on the carpet and seated during the ceremonies.

In fact, they are, with their auditions aimed at future marketing opportunities.

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