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Considerations relevant to an artist's estate representation

Think about enduring entertainment icons like Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson for a moment.

Their marketing clout and value hasn't exactly diminished since they passed away, has it?

It is the lasting appeal of such artists and the general public's deep-seated desire to have some attachment with them that translates to a continuing money stream, both during their lives and following their passing.

For better or worse, that wealth commands attention and is dealt with. A legion of high-profile media stories over the years have delved into the "look what happened here" aspects of an artist's estate that were managed either in outright negligent fashion or with fraudulent intent. Bad managers, unfocused accountants, uninformed family members, personal representatives with their own agendas -- all these parties and more have taken actions that unethically -- and often unlawfully -- squandered the wealth of well-known artists in genres ranging from music to film.

At the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman, we prefer to focus on the salutary aspects of "what goes right" when focused and good-faith attorneys well established in the music and film businesses zealously safeguard the interests of artist clients and their families.

The lawyers at our long-tenured entertainment and business law firm in Los Angeles promote the best interests of many artists both during their working careers and following their deaths, when estate beneficiaries are well served by an ongoing and conscientious legal focus. Well-considered and thoughtfully applied legal oversight and application can help protect intellectual property, enhance merchandizing and licensing opportunities and promote a lasting legacy.

As is clear from what we communicate on our online website page focused upon artists' estate representation, our law firm takes great pride in acting diligently and resourcefully on behalf of our artist clients. We invite your closest scrutiny.

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